Wedding Music Checklist

Wedding Music

Ceremony Music

Ceremony Music List

Prelude Music

(At least 5 songs) Prelude music should be between 15-30 minutes. It is music that is played while guests are being seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin. Traditionally it is calm music meant to set the mood.


(1 song) The processional is the song that is played for the entrance of the wedding party; which includes the couples’ family and their attendants.

Bridal Entrance

(1 song) This is the song that the bride uses for her grand entrance!


Interludes are songs that are played during specific ceremony events such as the unity ceremony or the ketubah singing. They are not required but some couples choose to make them part of their ceremony.


(1 Song) Usually just one song, this piece is used for the exit of the bridal party as well as the Couple once they are pronounced married

Reception Music

One Song for Each Event

Grand Entrance

A song that will play as your bridal party and you are introduced into the reception; usually something fun and/or about friendship or family. Grand Introduction Songs

First Dance

For the couple. Most couples use a song that is special to them. First Dance Songs

Cake Cutting

Usually a song about sugar or something sweet. Cake Cutting Songs


A special song for the bride to dance to with her father, as a thank-you. Father/Daughter Dance Songs


A special song for the groom to dance to with his mother, as a thank-you. Mother/Son Dance Songs

Bouquet Toss

A fun song for the bride to use while she is tossing the bouquet to all the single ladies. Popular Wedding Bouquet and Garter Toss Songs

Garter Removal

Usually a funny song for the groom to remove the brides garter to. Popular Wedding Bouquet and Garter Toss Songs

Garter Toss

A fun song that the groom uses to toss the garter to all the single guys. Popular Wedding Bouquet and Garter Toss Songs

Last Song

For all of your guests.

Last Dance

One last moment for the two of you to enjoy a moment with one another while I get everyone outside for your grand exit.