How to Find the Perfect Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! It is now time to get things started and plan the wedding of your dreams. Hopefully you have chosen a wedding planner first to help you through the process but in case you have not here are a few things to consider when choosing a venue so that you don’t get yourself backed into a corner.

Lots of couples have a certain color scheme in mind before they choose a venue. It is much harder to find a venue that matches your color scheme than it is to find the venue of your dreams and match a color scheme to it. One of the first questions I ask a couple is to describe their perfect wedding. Many times, they tell me their colors but their dream venue clashes with their colors. They want a eggplant/lilac wedding but their dream venue is Tiffany blue and gold.

What is the parking situation at your venue? Is there enough parking for all of your guests? Is there a dedicated parking space that will be reserved for your guests? If not, how will they get to your venue? Are they all staying in the same location so that you can provide shuttle service? Will you be able to provide valet service? How much will it cost? Are you going to pay for this service?

If you want a stress-free day it has to make logistical sense! Will you be having the ceremony at the same location as the reception? If not, how close are they to one another? Will your transportation solution work for both locations?

Does your venue have a noise ordinance? If so, what time does the music need to stop? Are you allowed to have amplified music? In many places this includes not only DJs but any music coming from speakers.

Does the venue have a list of preferred vendors that you are obligated to use? Many couples choose a venue that they believe is going to fit into their budget only to find out that they have to use certain vendors that are well beyond their budget. At that point you have backed yourself into a corner because you have no other choice but to use vendors that are outside of your budget.

These are just a few considerations that a professional wedding planner can help you with. Wedding planners know not only what to look for in a wedding venue but also how to help their couples find the perfect match. They also have relationships with vendors that typically give their clients a 10-15% discount; enabling their client to get the venue of their dreams without compromise.

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