Top 4 Wedding Insurance Providers and Why

You have worked hard to plan the perfect wedding and spent a significant amount of money to make sure that your day is perfect. Why wouldn’t you protect your investment? There are so many wedding insurance companies and so many different policies to choose from. It can be a little intimidating. No worries. We are here to help.

Here are the top-rated wedding insurance companies and the reason that they stand out above the competition.

Customizable Coverage

For the best in customizable coverage look to Wedsure. You can mix and match coverage options that fit your specific situation. They have coverage to protect you against inclement weather, illness or injury and even military deployment.

Comprehensive Coverage

Rated among the top wedding insurance companies for it’s comprehensive coverage is Markel Event Insurance. They have flexible policies and 10 different levels of cancellation coverage. They cover destination weddings in the Caribbean as well as Mexico and the U.K.

Variety of Coverage

Wedsafe has a wide variety of coverage including six options for liability coverage and ten options for cancellation/postponement coverage. You can fit your policy to your specific needs. You can get a quote, purchase your policy and have it emailed to your venue in a matter of minutes.

Top Rated Destination Wedding Coverage

Traveler’s Wedding Protection Plan is among the most reputable wedding insurance companies and they do not charge extra for weddings outside of the United States, saving you a significant amount over their competitors. Bonus – they do not charge a deductible in the event a claim is filed.