Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

No one wants to think about all of the things that can happen to ruin their wedding day but the reality is that there are many things that can happen to ruin your wedding day. You have invested a substantial amount of money, time and love in this day and it is worth protecting, if for nothing else wedding insurance will give you peace of mind.

Wedding insurance protects your wedding investment from circumstances beyond your control such as your wedding venue being destroyed or closing for business, your dress being lost in airport luggage or key vendors that do not show up on your wedding day. Common things that wedding insurance covers are problems related to weather or acts of nature, vendors that don’t show up, people who’s presence is essential to your wedding day and your venue.

Does your wedding day fall during hurricane season or winter? What if your venue is destroyed by a hurricane? This happened to many couples this year from recent hurricanes. These couples lost their venue as well as their vendors and had to start all over again. Without wedding insurance, they were not reimbursed for their loss. Therefore, they had to pay for their wedding twice, elope or get married at the courthouse. What if there is a blizzard that causes airport closures?

How many brides bought their dresses from a well-known designer that had been prominent in the industry for years just to find out that the stores' doors were locked when they went to pick it up? So many that there was a hotline created to help them. Without warning the company went bankrupt and many of the brides lost their dresses as well as their bridesmaid dresses. If they had wedding insurance, they would have been reimbursed so that they could purchase another dress.

Have you booked a venue that is still under construction? What happens if it is not finished in time? Will you be able to find another venue on such short notice? How will you pay for it? Will your deposit be reimbursed? What if your venue goes bankrupt and has to close its doors? What if it catches fire? Are you or your fiancé in the military? What happens if there is an emergency and you or your fiancé are shipped overseas?

These are real problems that, beyond your control, can happen. They have happened to many couples. You have invested so much in this day it is worth protecting. You can get basic insurance to protect your investment for less than $200. There are many companies that offer wedding insurance so how do you choose? Check in with us for next week’s blog on the top rated wedding insurance companies that will give you peace of mind!

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