Last Minute Things You Want to Do Before Your Wedding Day

  1. Pack your marriage license!

  2. Check in with all your vendors one last time to confirm your details and give them your day-of timeline.

  3. Give your wedding planner your list of must have photo shots and must play songs.

  4. Give your wedding planner a list of personal items that need to be gathered after the wedding as well as a designated person or place you would like them to go to.

  5. Organize all your final payments and tips in separate envelopes for each vendor and give it to your wedding planner (vendor tipping cheat sheet below).

  6. Make sure that the entire wedding party tries on all their formalwear and accessories so that there are no surprises on the wedding day.

  7. Take your dress out of the garment bag and let it hang and breathe in a well ventilated, smoke free place with no cooking fumes.

  8. Hang your veil in the bathroom while you shower to steam it.

  9. Organize all your wedding accessories, reception items and honeymoon items in separate bins so that you can toss things in as you think of them and they can be easily packed (toss your honeymoon items directly into your suitcase).

  10. Pack your gifts to one another and give them to your wedding planner to deliver.

  11. Pack a wedding day emergency kit that includes spray deodorant for the bridal party to freshen up, breath mints, dental floss, tweezers, blotting papers to absorb oils and reduce shine, face mist with herbal essential oils to refresh makeup and calm skin, glue for false eyelashes, Krazy glue for nail or heel emergencies, scissors, fashion tape to fix hemlines or necklines, hairspray, assortment of pins, individual pain reliever packets, hairbrush, Tide to Go pen, band-aids, tissues, sunblock, clear nail polish nail polish, lipstick, fragrance, sewing kit, hand lotion, gum, granola bars, bottled water and a large makeup bag to hold all your emergency items.

  12. Schedule all beauty and spa appointments with your VIPs (don’t forget teeth whitening or spray tans if you had planned on those).

  13. Schedule a fun girls' day to thank them (possibly your bridesmaid luncheon).

  14. Order your getting ready group outfits and props such as bridal and bridesmaids hangers for the perfect photos.

  15. Finalize your seating chart.

  16. Deliver welcome bags to hotels for out-of-town guests if desired (don’t forget to include the weekend itinerary).

Wedding Vendor Tipping Cheat Sheet

Club or Banquet Manager 15-20% of the reception bill (less if there is a Maitre d’)

Maitre d’ or Captain - 15-20% of the reception bill (less if there is also a Banquet Manager)

Wait Staff - At least $20 each (Maitre d’ will distribute tips for you)

Bartenders - $25-40 each

Valets - $1 per car or arrange a gratuity with management

Restroom and coatroom attendants - $1 per guest

Limo driver (s) - 15-20 percent of the total bill

Delivery drivers for flowers, cake etc. - $10 each

DJ crew and band members - $20-25 each

Hairstylist - 15-20% of total bill

Makeup artist - 15-20% of total bill

Keep an extra $200 on hand in for unexpected expenses​

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