Wedding Budget Saving Mistakes

Wedding Budgets Mistakes

I know I’m partial but the sooner you hire a Wedding Planner the better. Many couples think that they cannot afford a wedding planner. They don’t realize that their wedding planner has relationships with several vendors in all other vendor categories that will save them 10-15%, not to mention lots of future catastrophe.

Photos – If you listen to any advice during your wedding planning process please do not skimp here! When all is said and done all that you are going to be left with is your photos. Maybe you decided to blow the bank on that amazing designer gown. Understandable but is your photographer going to capture its detail?

Flowers – Your flowers are your most photographed accessory. They are going to be in almost every photo of your wedding day. You do not want all of your wedding photos to be a reminder of flowers that you did not like but settled for because it will ruin all of your pictures.

DJ - Sometimes couples think that they can save money by using MP3s instead of a DJ on their wedding day. DJs not only add a personal touch to the party and keep things fun but they also have many other vital responsibilities during your wedding day. DJs announce the couple and the wedding party into the reception. They also announce each event such as toasts, cake cutting, your first dance and every other wedding tradition that you will be enjoying on your day. You’ve spent the bulk of your budget on your wedding reception. If you don’t want this to be a dead party, this is not a money saving opportunity.

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