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Jason’s About Genevieve


Genevieve stunned me with how beautiful she was the night I met her. Over the years I have found that she is also stunningly smart, loving and sweet. The way she moves and tilts her head as she flashes her gorgeous smile, woos me. She is so funny, friendly and so enjoyable to be around as is plain to see on the faces of her friends and family when they are around her. It seems that people who know her well can't help but love her. Genevieve is such a lovely soul.

Genevieve’s About Jason


Jason is the sweetest, most amazing gentleman in the whole world. He is a smart, sweet nerdy. Everybody loves Jason! He likes to spend time with his family and is always on vacation because he loves what he does for a living. He has hella-good hair and the most soothing voice in the whole world (especially when he sings).

Fun Facts

Where Did They Meet

Lifetime gym during a Great Gatsby party. The day before the party Jason got his hair cut by my friend, who told him that he should come to the party. Then she drug him across the dance floor to introduce him to me (she knew that he was the man of my dreams). He stole my heart with a glass of wine and a tie. Then he asked me to slow dance with him. It turns out that we worked for the same company, in the same building and went to the same gym! The funniest thing about the whole story is that a few days before the party I told a friend that I wasn’t even looking for a man and that if Mr. Right came along he was going to have to fall out the sky, land on my face and wiggle or I wouldn’t even notice him. Jason was 5 floors above my head when I made that statement!


Who Made The First Move

 Jason when he bought me a glass of wine and asked me to slow dance with him!

Where Was Their First Date

The pit bull rescue! He asked what I was doing the next day. If you can’t save my bullies I don’t have time because I am saving bullies!


Favorite Date Location

The Amelie for Lightning hockey!


Favorite Rapper



Snoop Dogg


Beastie Boys


How Many Kids Do They Have

9! We are starting a hockey team but there a couple in the box!


 Where Are They Going on Their Honeymoon

Tour de’ Europe!!


His Favorite Thing About Her

She is a smart, classy lady.


Her Favorite Thing About Him

He is a distinguished gentleman!


Our Big Day


4 o’clock in the afternoon at the Historical Henderson Chapel
1001 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL. 33602



Half-past 5 o’clock in the afternoon at the Tampa Club
101 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 4200 Tampa, FL.33602



You Said Yes So You Get the Details

Where to Stay

There are several hotels downtown. Below is a list of a few near the reception. There are also more affordable Airbnb options.

Le Meridien 601 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL. 33602

The Hilton Downtown 211 N. Tampa St. Tampa, FL. 33602

The Sheraton Riverwalk Tampa 200 N. Ashley Dr. Tampa, FL. 33602




Getting to the Venue

Where to Park


If you are driving to the Tampa Club parking is in the parking garage South of the Bank of America building.

If you are coming from the Chapel you will pass the Bank of America building and make a right at the alley. Park in visitor parking and take the elevator to the 3rd floor sky bride (the bridge that goes over the main roads to the Bank of America building). When you get inside look for the elevator that goes to the 41st floor. Click on 41st floor and it will tell you which elevator you will use. Cocktail hour will be in the Skyline lounge. You will be escorted to the 42nd floor for the reception.


If you are getting dropped off in front of the Bank of America building take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Then take the elevator that goes to the 41st floor. Click on 41st floor and it will tell you which elevator you will use. Cocktail hour will be in the Skyline lounge. You will be escorted to the 42nd floor for the reception.

Dinner Menu

No worries! You will have a menu and any special requests will be taken table-side!



Open Bar (In our family we don’t hide crazy. We put it on the porch and give it a cocktail!)


What to Wear

Black tie formal attire.

Typical Weather

The typical January weather in Tampa is low 50s and high 70s. If you are a Floridian that means that you should probably bundle up (maybe bring a heavy coat and scarf but, you know Florida; so also bring a bathing suit and sunscreen.)


How to Get Around


Once downtown, we have a Downtowner for free. You can download the Downtowner app from your phone. During high peak hours, such as rush hour wait times can be 90 minutes, so; feel free to take an Uber because it’s faster to walk!


Things to Do

It’s Gasparilla week! We celebrate being a pirate with the pirate parade to remember the invasion of Pirate Jose Gaspar 😊

 January 18th (also known as my Momma’s birthday) is the children’s Gasparilla (PG version) which will be held on Bayshore Blvd.

If you have any questions, look for Genevieve dressed in full pirate garb! She will give you full details of Gasparilla activities!

Our Registry


With all that we have we have been truly blessed. Your love, laughter and company is all that we wish for on our special day. Your presence is our present.

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